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SpikedSeltzer is all natural, low carb, gluten-free,
and contains 6% alcohol.

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More About SpikedSeltzer

SpikedSeltzer is made exclusively from purified water and natural ingredients. The fresh fruit flavors infused in SpikedSeltzer are derived from cold-pressed citrus essence from a variety of fruits. Fermentation of this citrus essence and sugar naturally produces 6% alcohol. The result is clean and clear without the sugary sweetness of wine or the heaviness of beer.

SpikedSeltzer contains 6% alcohol but it’s the natural fruit flavors that shine through, thanks to the unique brewing process developed by brewmaster, Nick Shields.

Whether it’s straight from the bottle, poured over ice, or used in a mixed drink, SpikedSeltzer always remains perfectly refreshing. Click here for our favorite cocktail recipes.

Please drink responsibly.

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Our Story

Dave and Nick V4Dave Holmes and Nick Shields in their office.

Nick Shields knows beverages. Nick’s first job after college was managing production for Nantucket Nectars, a thriving, upstart juice company in Boston, and continued that entrepreneurial experience with winemaking at Wolffer Estate on Long Island. He went on to study food science at Cornell University, fermentation science at UC Davis, and even developed products for beverage titans Pepsi and Cadbury Schweppes. Nick’s great-great-grandfather, Rudolph Haffenreffer, founded Boston’s Haffenreffer Brewery in 1870. As a 5th-generation brewer, Nick always knew he would eventually return to the family business of brewing. His goal? To create a new kind of beverage by combining disciplines of brewing, winemaking, and natural flavors. After refining nearly 100 batches, SpikedSeltzer was born.

Dave Holmes doesn’t like to sit still. He worked in the financial industry in New York since graduating college, with the exception of spending 4 years as a timber frame builder in rural Maine. After working at a New York hedge fund for 7 years and turning around bankrupt companies, Dave decided to venture in search of opportunities to build businesses from the ground up. Dave has followed the evolution of his long-time friend’s creation since the very first batch. He jumped at the opportunity to help take SpikedSeltzer to market.

When they can, Nick and Dave both ride the currents in small planes and rowing shells.

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NYC Craft Beer Festival

NYC Craft Beer Festival

October 14th – 15th, 2016 @ 12:00pm – 4:00pm
New York City, NY

Crazy Beverage Bash

Crazy Beverage Bash

October 15th, 2016 @ 11:00pm – 4:00pm
Southington, CT

Craft Beer Fest

October 16th, 2016 @ 12:00pm – 7:00pm
Boston, MA

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We’re always interested in how we can do better! Please shoot us a message and tell us what you think. Craving a new flavor? We’ll look into it! Is there a retailer near you we should sell into? Let us know. Have a question or a concern? Ask away. Thank you, and cheers!

Nick, Dave, and the Team at SpikedSeltzer.



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