SpikedSeltzer Fact Sheet

Ingredients + Nutritional Facts (per 12oz.)
6% Alcohol By Volume
5 grams of carbohydrates
140 calories (only 120 calories from alcohol)
Natural, simple ingredients. No sulfites
Gluten-free (no barley, no wheat, no malt, no sorghum)
Cold-pressed fruit sourced from well-known regions
Purified water

Where it’s Brewed + Sold
Two breweries in the Northeast and Midwest.

Sold: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Washington D.C., Georgia, Florida, California, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands. Available in liquor stores as well as supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, Stop & Shop, The Food Emporium, Wegmans, Hannaford, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Target stores. Also found at select restaurants and bars.

Pricing (suggested retail)
Six-pack of 12 oz. slim cans: $8.99
Six-pack of 12 oz. bottles: $8.99
12-variety-pack of 12 oz. slim cans: $15.99
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SpikedSeltzer Launches New Six-Pack Format This Spring


SpikedSeltzer, a First-Mover Hard Seltzer Brand Based in Connecticut, Launches New Six-Pack Format This Spring

Retailers in NYC, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Tennessee Will Sell Single-Flavor Six-Packs of SpikedSeltzer Slim Cans

Norwalk, CT, April 4, 2016 — Boathouse Beverage, LLC announced today that retailers in NYC, Long Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Tennessee (Knoxville, Nashville) will debut single-flavor six-packs of slim cans, a new format for SpikedSeltzer.

The company increases its offerings just in time for the drink’s peak season. To date, the company has sold SpikedSeltzer in 12-can variety packs as well as in single-flavor six-packs of twist-off bottles.

“Launching the new format was in direct response to consumer demand,” says co-founder Dave Holmes. “We’ve gotten so many requests for it, and we like to keep our fans happy.”

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SpikedSeltzer, A New, All-Natural Alcoholic Beverage, Exhibits At 2016 PGA Trade Show In Orlando, Florida

Norwalk, CT, January 26, 2016 – Boathouse Beverage, LLC announced today that it will be showcasing SpikedSeltzer, its first-mover alcohol brand, at the 2016 PGA Trade Show today through January 29, at Booth #6466.

SpikedSeltzer has been written about as “a smarter alcoholic option on the course,” for golfers who want to “feel better while they’re day-drinking.” Each 12 oz. twist-off bottle and slim can contains 6 percent alcohol and is brewed using only five natural ingredients and zero sulfites (the leading cause of a bad hangover). “We set out to make something light and crisp-with a touch of alcohol,” explains brewer and co-founder Nick Shields. “We are tapping into the growing movement toward better-for-you beverages.”

As such, SpikedSeltzer appeals to athletes-from golfers and runners, to rowers and yogis.
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SpikedSeltzer Gains New York City Distribution


SpikedSeltzer, a New Alcoholic Beverage Capitalizing on Natural Food Trends, Gains New York City Distribution

First-Mover Alcohol Brand Launches in Upscale NYC Market

Norwalk, CT, September 22, 2015 — Boathouse Beverage, LLC announced today that they are expanding distribution of SpikedSeltzer, a new, all-natural alcoholic beverage, to Gourmet Garage, Fairway, and Whole Foods markets across all five boroughs in New York City starting in October.

New York City is the most populous market to date for the fast-growing brand. With 8.5 million people in NYC, the move promises to put the up-and-coming brand on the national radar. The product has amassed a loyal following among women and men who are living the #Spikedlife—an active and adventurous lifestyle.

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