January 26, 2016 Feng

SpikedSeltzer, A New, All-Natural Alcoholic Beverage, Exhibits At 2016 PGA Trade Show In Orlando, Florida

Norwalk, CT, January 26, 2016 – Boathouse Beverage, LLC announced today that it will be showcasing SpikedSeltzer, its first-mover alcohol brand, at the 2016 PGA Trade Show today through January 29, at Booth #6466.

SpikedSeltzer has been written about as “a smarter alcoholic option on the course,” for golfers who want to “feel better while they’re day-drinking.” Each 12 oz. twist-off bottle and slim can contains 6 percent alcohol and is brewed using only five natural ingredients and zero sulfites (the leading cause of a bad hangover). “We set out to make something light and crisp-with a touch of alcohol,” explains brewer and co-founder Nick Shields. “We are tapping into the growing movement toward better-for-you beverages.”

As such, SpikedSeltzer appeals to athletes-from golfers and runners, to rowers and yogis.

SpikedSeltzer is low-carb (5g), low-sugar (5g), gluten-free, and tastes like subtly flavored seltzer water. The four refreshing flavors-West Indies Lime, Valencia Orange, Indian River Grapefruit, and Cape Cod Cranberry-are all natural (nothing artificial is added). The alcohol comes from cold-fermented sugar combined with purified water and cold-pressed fruits.

About Boathouse Beverage, LLC
Connecticut-based founders Nick Shields and Dave Holmes launched Boathouse Beverage, LLC in 2013. Shields, a fifth-generation master brewer and beverage visionary, formulated SpikedSeltzer out of his home in Westport. Long-time friend Holmes joined him to grow the company. He resides in Rowayton. SpikedSeltzer HQ is located at 140 Water Street, Norwalk, CT. For more information, please read our fact sheet on spikedseltzer.com.

Lindsay Potter, Marketing Director
Lindsay@spikedseltzer.com | 203-987-3322