January 27, 2017 Denise Penny


The Hard Seltzer Category Creator Is Now Sold Across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama & Mississippi

NORWALK, CONN. (JANUARY 27, 2017) – SpikedSeltzer, the first-mover “hard seltzer” brand that pioneered the category in 2013, announced today that it is expanding from New England, New York, and New Jersey to the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and South: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. This is a key next step for the Connecticut-based company before launching nationwide.

SpikedSeltzer was created in 2012 by Nick Shields, a fifth-generation brewmaster and beverage visionary, who began formulating five gallon batches out of his garage in Westport, Conn. The unique beverage, which he made by combining disciplines of brewing and winemaking, focuses on simple ingredients. The goal was to create a clean, crisp, bubbly drink that lacks the sugary sweetness of wine and the heaviness of beer. After refining nearly 100 batches, the original hard seltzer was born.

Nick’s longtime friend, Dave Holmes, a financial professional-turned-entrepreneur, joined him to launch the company and bring the product to market. In 2013, Nick and Dave introduced eight kegs of their new, 6% alcohol, gluten-free, and naturally-flavored sparkling water to a pleasantly surprised crowd. The first flavor, West Indies Lime was soon followed by Valencia Orange, Indian River Grapefruit, and Cape Cod Cranberry.

“It’s in Nick’s DNA to always be looking over the horizon. We knew we were blazing a totally new path with SpikedSeltzer,” says Dave. “We formed the startup, moved into a small back office, and threw ourselves into something so crazy it just might work.”

In early 2015, they saw significant demand for their new product: “We had an amazing response from people and demand quickly outgrew our ability to supply,” says Nick. “We were told of people driving hours out of their way just to get a case or two.”

“Now we’re in a better situation to make much more and we’re super excited to expand,” says Dave. “Supermarkets throughout the Southeast will be carrying SpikedSeltzer by late March.”

About SpikedSeltzer
Connecticut-based entrepreneurs Nick Shields and Dave Holmes created the fast-growing “hard seltzer” category with the 2013 launch of SpikedSeltzer. The product is 6% ABV, not-sweet, naturally flavored, and gluten-free. It contains only five grams of carbs per 12 oz. serving. The alcohol comes from a cold-fermentation of sugar combined with purified water and cold-pressed fruits. Champagne-like bubbles give it a crisp, dry finish. SpikedSeltzer comes in four natural flavors: West Indies Lime, Indian River Grapefruit, Valencia Orange, and Cape Cod Cranberry. SpikedSeltzer’s holding company, Boathouse Beverage, LLC, is located at 140 Water Street, Norwalk, CT. For more information, go to spikedseltzer.com.