January 17, 2017 Denise Penny

SpikedSeltzer Fact Sheet

West Indies Lime
Valencia Orange
Indian River Grapefruit
Cape Cod Cranberry

Ingredients + Nutritional Facts (per 12oz.)
6% Alcohol By Volume
5 grams of carbohydrates
140 calories (only 120 calories from alcohol)
Natural, simple ingredients. No sulfites
Gluten-free (no barley, no wheat, no malt, no sorghum)
Cold-pressed fruit sourced from well-known regions
Purified water

Where it’s Brewed + Sold
Two breweries in the Northeast and Midwest.

Sold: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, California, Bermuda, and the British Virgin Islands. Available in liquor stores as well as supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Fairway, Stop & Shop, The Food Emporium, Wegmans, Hannaford, Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Target stores. Also found at select restaurants and bars.

Pricing (suggested retail)
Six-pack of 12 oz. slim cans: $8.99
Six-pack of 12 oz. bottles: $8.99
12-variety-pack of 12 oz. slim cans: $15.99

SpikedSeltzer Founders

Nick Shields is an entrepreneur with an MS in Food Science from Cornell and a resume that includes stints at Pepsi, Cadbury Schweppes, Ocean Spray, Nantucket Nectars, and Wolffer Estate. The fifth-generation brewer is the great-great grandson of Rudolph Haffenreffer who brought German-style lagers to Boston in 1869. Over more than a century, Shields’ family business has launched powerful brands like Pickwick ale, Narragansett lager, and Private Stock. He resides in Westport, CT.

Dave Holmes is an entrepreneur with an MBA in Finance from Columbia. He worked in the financial industry in New York since graduating college (with the exception of four years spent as a timber frame builder in rural Maine). Holmes has followed the evolution of his friend’s creation since the very first batch and jumped at the opportunity to take SpikedSeltzer to market. He resides in Rowayton, CT.