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SpikedSeltzer Gains New York City Distribution


SpikedSeltzer, a New Alcoholic Beverage Capitalizing on Natural Food Trends, Gains New York City Distribution

First-Mover Alcohol Brand Launches in Upscale NYC Market

Norwalk, CT, September 22, 2015 — Boathouse Beverage, LLC announced today that they are expanding distribution of SpikedSeltzer, a new, all-natural alcoholic beverage, to Gourmet Garage, Fairway, and Whole Foods markets across all five boroughs in New York City starting in October.

New York City is the most populous market to date for the fast-growing brand. With 8.5 million people in NYC, the move promises to put the up-and-coming brand on the national radar. The product has amassed a loyal following among women and men who are living the #Spikedlife—an active and adventurous lifestyle.

With only 5 grams of sugar per 12 oz. serving, SpikedSeltzer has been embraced as a healthy, low-sugar alternative to wine. Each 12 oz. can or bottle of SpikedSeltzer is comparable in strength to a 6 oz. glass of wine, minus the hangover-causing sulfites and extra calories.

The four all-natural flavors—West Indies Lime, Valencia Orange, Indian River Grapefruit, and Cape Cod Cranberry—have a crisp mouthfeel and clean fruit notes, without the sweetness of hard lemonades and ciders.

“In just two years, we’ve gone from sampling 5-gallon batches to being sold—and in some cases sold out—in 14 states, from Maine to Tennessee,” says brewer and co-founder Nick Shields.

So, what is SpikedSeltzer exactly? The alcohol comes from cold-fermented natural sugar combined with purified water and cold-pressed fruits. Nothing artificial is added. Champagne-like bubbles give it a soft, dry finish.

SpikedSeltzer is capitalizing on the growing interest in natural and organic brands and nutritional transparency. Each all-natural flavor is low-sugar, low-carb, and gluten-free. “Those who crave an active, healthy lifestyle also crave SpikedSeltzer,” says marketing director Lindsay Potter. “Nutritional facts are displayed on each can and bottle for the consumer to see, not hidden in fine print.”

Another consumption trend that’s putting SpikedSeltzer on the fast track is the huge upswing in non-alcoholic sparkling waters. “We are bringing those light, subtle flavors into the alcohol space,” says co-founder Dave Holmes.

“We’re the first ones going down this path, which makes building this company so much fun,” adds Holmes.

SpikedSeltzer currently comes in 12 oz. cans and bottles. The twist-off caps feature fun quotes, which can be submitted via All packaging is stamped with the brand’s iconic mermaid logo. “She’s powerful and mysterious, and subliminally or not, people gravitate to her,” says Potter.

About Boathouse Beverage, LLC
Connecticut-based founders Nick Shields and Dave Holmes launched Boathouse Beverage, LLC in 2013. Shields, a fifth-generation master brewer and beverage visionary, formulated SpikedSeltzer out of his home in Westport. Long-time friend Holmes joined him to grow the company. He resides in Rowayton. SpikedSeltzer HQ is located at 140 Water Street, Norwalk, CT. For more information, please visit
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